6 Advantages of Forex Trading Forex trading offers unlimited income opportunitiesto those who are willing to diversify their investments and manage them appropriately. More and more individual and corporate investors are ripping the benefits of trading Forex. Following are 6 major advantages of the Forex exchange market: 1. Unmatched Liquidity Forex trades amount to more than 5 trillion dollars a day, and most of it are concentrated on a few important currencies. This means that a lot of people are trading the same currencies at the same time, thus increasing the liquidity of the market. 2. 24-Hour Market Forex trading continues across different trading sessions in different countries. So, anyone can trade major currencies at anytime they wish to, 24 hours a day. 3. Going Long or Short There are no limitations on buying and selling currencies. If a trader thinks that a currency will trend upwards, he can buy it, and if it goes downward, he can sell it at anytime. 4. Low Trading Costs The trading costs are comparatively lower than other financial markets’, as most trading accounts don’t charge any expensive fees or data licenses, and even trade without a commission. The only trading cost is the spread between the sell price and buy price. 5. Leverage Traders can trade currencies with substantial amounts of leverage, going up to 100:1, due to the unmatched liquidity in the forex market. You can take advantage of this by utilizing even the smallest changes in the market. 6. International Exposure Forex market is an easy way to gain international exposure, as you can hunt for opportunities in different countries, invest in another currency, and increase your footprint in the market very easily. The investors don’t have to worry about actually travelling to another country, or the foreign security laws, while trading in different markets across the world. Unlike other older investment schemes, a trader doesn’t need to be a big shot anymore to be successful, and earn as much as they wish to. Trading currencies with the help of brokers, thus, can be a great idea for someone willing to indulge in Forex activities. Written by: Jonathan Grab - a professional trader and an analyst. For more information visit the trading portal of Written by: Jonathan Grab - a professional trader and an analyst. For more information visit the trading portal of